Kitesurfing school

We offer diverse kitesurfing courses with our experienced IKO certified instructors that practice our unique teaching method.


You can find us in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia or Austria. Depending on the season, we know how to follow the wind.

About us

Meet our group of enthusiastic kitesurfers with more than 10 years of experience and some extraordinary stories to tell.


We don't want to leave our kites at home, even in the winter. Have you already tried snowkiting?


I am not a big fan of water and summer sports, since ever I have felt like at home in the mountains. Last fall I decided to try a new sport, kitesurfing. From the first lesson with Blaž I instantly knew learning this sport this is going to be so much fun. Blaž explained everything in a very simple and practical way and I was able to progress very fast. With each lesson I felt more freedom on the water. At the end of the course the only thing in my mind was where can I go for a kitesurfing trip next.

Meta Hrovat

At Kanza kiteschool you are defenetly nt just a number. Excellent teaching techniques and support on the land and in the water made it possible for me to become a kitesurfer in a very short period of time. Its a whole community of people that you meet and from there on, your never alone when you go kitesurfing.

Julian Perič

Kanza kiteschool opened a whole new world for us. Kitesurfing isn't just a sport, it's a whole community of people enjoying hanging out on the beach and waiting for the wind to start blowing. Blaž was an excellent teacher. He is really good with his students, he knows how to listen and how to encourage everyone in the way best for them. He puts security first and is very professional. In strong winds it's essential that you can trust your instructor and we could trust Blaž completely. Kanza kiteschool uses new and best equipment on the market which is also very important for you to feel safe. We highly recommend Blaž to all of our friends.

Dean Virant & Kaja Virant

I needed a few individual lessons to get me back on the water and with the help of Kanza instructor I was able to kitesurf by myself by the end of that day. The instructor had a professional and individual approach and adjusted the lessons to my level of knowledge and encouraged me in the way that the progress I made was as fast as possible.

Tamara Žajdela


Our unique teaching method is adjusted to your skill level, knowledge and rhythm.


We use only the latest kiteboarding equipment that ensures safety and the best experience.


Our instructors have more than 10 years of experience and have an individual approach.


We will stay in touch even when you will be able to ride on the water for the first time.


With the right teaching technique and conditions, you can learn to kitesurf in 3 days


We travel around the world and stay only in the best locations suitable for teaching.



For more than 10 years, our dedicated and passionate team has been innovating to make students learning experience more fun, more efficient and safer.

Blaž Vrhovnik

Kitesurfing instructor

Luka Plestenjak

Kitesurfing instructor

Marko Ambrožič

Kitesurfing instructor

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