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All our kitesurfing locations have shallow water, where we are able to teach you, all that you need to know to become an independent kiteboarder. And then only when you are ready, we move to deeper water. Spots with only deep water, aren’t a good choice, because you want to be able to learn good kite control, landing, launching and walking on the beach. You can find us in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia or Austria. Depending on the season, we know how to follow the wind.

Croatia - Neretva

Location: Delta Neretva
Season: May, June, July, August, September

Just a short drive from Split, Mostar or Dubrovnik lies the delta of river Neretva (village Blace), best kite spot on Adriatic sea, which offers a lot of flatwater to suit kiters of all tastes and is ideal for kiteboarding in almost all wind conditions. The majority of our lessons take place in the lagoon, where the vast waist deep space couldn’t be more perfect to take your first steps into kiteboarding safely.

In the summer the heat creates a regular thermal wind between 12-25 knots (you can use bigger and smaller kites), while in autumn and spring it gets stronger: from 15 up to sometimes 40 knots. Wind blows regularly 70-80% of the days.



Smaller village Blace is only 5 minutes ride from kite spot. There is a lot of different accommodation.    

It doesn’t matter if you are coming alone, with your family or friends we will help to find the right accommodation for you and for your budget. We can reserve you a bed in kitehouse shared rooms already from 12 EUR up per night. Or you can check for other apartments.



There are various sports and sightseeing activities and trips that you can do. …

Italy - Sardegna

Location: South Sardegna
Seasons: April, May, September, October

Best kitesurfing beaches in Sardinia are located all around the island, with its 1897 km of coastline, is a real paradise, not only for its nature and vegetation, crystal clear sea, tradition and culture, but also because it is considered a jewel for kite surfers and windsurfers from all over the world. 

We are located at Punta Trettu, which is one of the best flat water spots in the whole Mediterian sea and No. 1 school spot. Big peninsula in the middle of the huge bay creates lagoon, where you can stand almost anywhere. It’s perfect for beginners and all other kiters who want to progress fast. 

The bay is naturally protected by the San Pietro Island and the Penninsula of Sant’Antioco, blocking the waves and accelerating the winds. Punta Trettu works with all types of winds all year: Scirocco, west and northwest winds which are usually helped by the thermal effect which adds a couple of extra wind to your kite. The wind blows 80% of the days, from 12 to 35 knots.

What else would you ask?



If you want to be close to the beach, right in the middle of the lagoon, but you don’t want to pay a lot for the accommodation, kite camp is the right choice for you! Prices per night are already from 10 Eur per tent and one person. The B&B Luca’s apartments are situated in the pine forest of Punta Trettu and it is surrounded by the typical local flora and fauna. Just on the hill above the spot, 400 mt from the spot, or we can find other apartments for bigger groups.

Doesn’t matter if you are coming alone, with your family or friends we will find the right accommodation for you and for your budget.

Italy - Grado

Location: Italy Grado
Season: March, April, May, June, September, October, November

Grado is a very special spot on the north side of the Trieste bay. The spot has a long sandy beach that is excellent for beginners and the conditions that are great for good kitesurfers as well. There is a large sand dune that creates a shallow lagoon. The spot is exposed towards the open sea and that is the reason the conditions here are often great here during the spring and fall. 

Location is excellent for day trips during the weekend. We offer private lessons and all courses at this location with reservations in advance. It depends on the wind conditions on which days we will be able to have the course, that is why we decide on the dates with each course participant in advance and then confirm it a few days before. 



Our trips to Grado usually last only one day. We will gladly help you find an appropriate accommodation, if you wish to stay at the location for a few days please contact us for more information.

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